Talented Spellers to Move on to District Spelling Bee



Morgan Demchak, Staff Writer

The district-wide Spelling Bee was offered by elementary classroom teachers and 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts teachers December 4-8. Winning students who move on will be participating in the District Spelling Bee on February 21 at 6 p.m. at the CAJSHS. After the Spelling Bee is complete, one student from the Elementary and one student from the Junior High will be announced the winners.

Junior High students moving on to the February competition include:

Grade 7 winners

Chloe Rowles

Lillian O’Conner

Emyleigh Robinson

Bradlee Peters

Peyton Reese

Eric Bumbarger

Mason Marshall

Willow Green

Abbie Moore

Jaycee Wood

Todd Hallman

Grade 8 winners

Scarlett LeBeau

Dylan Harmic

Tyler Olson

Lilyane Butler

Amy Ballock

Emmalynne Groth

Kinser Mayhew

David Graham

Sierra Ball

Mallory McBride

Hunter Cline

C.J. Blowers