Book donation to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in the name of Kinsley

Book donation to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh in the name of Kinsley

Parker E. Marshall, Staff Writer

This month, Emily Kronenwetter, Kinsley’s mother, decided to make yet another difference in the world by spreading joy through Kinsley. Mrs. Kronenwetter has decided to collect new children’s books to be donated to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh was the hospital where Kinsley had her brain tumor removed and where she began to recover from this procedure.

This project is also aided by the Helping Hands Club and Key Club. This collection will be taking place throughout the month of October. When asked why this book collection was taking place, Mrs. Zimmerman, the Helping Hands advisor, replied: “The Kronenwetter family decided to collect children’s books in honor of their daughter (Kinsley’s) 2nd birthday, her first heavenly birthday.  They have been preserving their daughter’s memory by finding ways to spread love and kindness in our community.”

Students can help with this donation by bringing the books to Mrs. Zimmerman or Mrs. Borden to be taken to Mrs. Kronenwetter. She will then donate these books to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in the name of Kinsley Kronenwetter.

Mrs. Kronenwetter is still making positive changes and spreading happiness not only throughout her own community, but throughout other communities in the name of Kinsley. When asked what else Mrs. Zimmerman would like to share with our readers, she said: “Remember that one small act of kindness can make a major change in our world.”