Helping Hands and Ceramics I help with the Empty Bowls Project

Trevor Franek, Staff Writer

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The ceramics students here at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School have been working vigorously to create clay bowls for a project dubbed “The Empty Bowls Project.”  

The Empty Bowls Project is a collective effort between the Helping Hands Club and the Ceramics 1 class to help raise money for the Trinity United Methodist Church Food Bank. The event itself is simply a night where anyone is welcome to come and have some phenomenal soup. Each bowl was hand crafted by a ceramic’s student here at the high school, and these bowls will each be sold at the event for a donation of $15. The donation gets you a great looking bowl to keep, a full meal, and the proceeds go to a worthy cause.  

The Helping Hands students are also a huge aspect of this project as they will be the ones to auction off the bowls, help serve the soup, and clean up after the event is over.  

The event will be held on February 20 from 6:00-8:30 p.m. here at the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School. It is highly encouraged to participate in this project and make the donation for the cause. 

Finally, Mrs. Zimmerman, advisor to Helping Hands, adds: “We are currently looking for donations of soup, bread, and desserts. We have contacted local businesses but have not received many donors thus far. We are hoping for a few more in order to make the event successful.” Thus, donations are highly appreciated and can be delivered to Mrs. Zimmerman.

The event is projected to be a great success and should be a very enjoyable time. It is highly encouraged to participate in this spectacular event.