Math tutoring sessions begin


Erika Frye

Mrs. Bookhamer during a math tutoring session in the library.

Erika Frye, Staff Writer

Many students struggle with math. This, according to Mrs. Bookhamer, is one reason the math department at Clearfield decided to begin holding tutoring sessions. She added that they were hoping to give added support to the math students, as sometimes math can be challenging and sometimes students need more time to grasp the concepts.

The math teacher explained that tutoring sessions started in December but have recently changed the hours to better serve the students. They are now held in the library Tuesday mornings from 7:05 to 7:35, Thursday mornings at the same time, and Thursdays from 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 ..

Mrs. Bookhamer also affirmed that anyone and everyone may come to these sessions, for the educators assisting the students teach a variety of math related subjects and concepts.

Statistics teacher Mrs. Bookhamer conducts the sessions every Tuesday morning. Algebra teacher Ms. Knopick tutors Thursday mornings. Geometry and Algebra teacher Mr. Miller helps with sessions on Thursday afternoons.

Mrs. Bookhamer reported that when it comes to attendance, students have been trickling in, and that she is hoping to see an increase of students taking advantage of this opportunity since the sessions’ hours have changed and the weather is improving.

She elaborated: “I know that sometimes students sit in a classroom and they do not understand the material. They are afraid and embarrassed to ask questions, so they don’t speak up. We are hoping those students will come see us in the library and feel free to ask those questions and seek the additional support they need to be successful in their math class.”