NTHS inductions take place at CCCTC


Above are the members of the NTHS members from Clearfield.

Parker E. Marshall, Staff Writer

The Clearfield County Career and Technology Center has a National Technical Honor Society for outstanding members in career and technical education. Across the nation, there are thousands of schools and colleges that are affiliated with the society. Being a member of the society shows various colleges and jobs that you can be successful in today’s highly competitive work era.

The CCCTC honor society started in 2005 to promote a public understanding that the students at the career center should be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. Many students in this honor society are also members of the National Honor Society at their parent schools. There area over 3792 different chapters of the NTHS in the United States and the CCCTC has had over 250 past and current members.

On Wednesday March 20, 2019 at 1 p.m., the CCCTC held its inductions to their honor society. This year, there were 39 new members that were inducted to the 6 remaining members who were previously in the honor society. This amounts to 45 members from the schools of Clearfield, Clearfield Christian Alliance, Curwensville, MoValley, Phillipsburg-Osceola, and West Branch. The members can also be anyone who is a member of the adult program.

The members inducted from Clearfield include Michaela Helsel, Dominic Kovach, Megan McKendrick, Samuel Pennington, Madison Lewis,  Layne Kear, Kyra Mollura, and Logan Sloppy.

When asked what the requirements are to be inducted, Mrs. McKendrick, the NTHS advisor, states: “To be eligible for NTHS students must have a minimum 93% GPA at CCCTC and less than 10 days absent. Members must maintain a GPA of at least an 85% in all academic subjects at their sending school.  Members must also have 20 hours of community services from the past two years and two letters of recommendation from the community.”

When asked what else she would like to share with our readers, Mrs. McKendrick explains: “The CCCTC NTHS students also give back to ALL CCCTC students, not just students in NTHS. Our students want to inspire academic excellence for everyone and promote good grades and attendance. For the 2018-2019 NTHS students decided that all fundraising money earned would go towards creating a student achievement recognition program.  At the end of each marking period all students that attend CCCTC and earn Highest honors (95% or higher), honors (90-94%), or perfect attendance will be given the opportunity to win a prize.  The prizes are purchased from funds raised by NTHS and for the 2018-2019 we are proud to say that a total of $1500 in prizes have been given to CCCTC students.”