Students share appreciation for teachers

Cruz R. Wright, Staff Writer

Teacher Appreciation Week is an internationally celebrated time come the first week of every May. During this time, students are encouraged to reach out and show teachers how much they mean. Many teachers go above and beyond to help their students succeed and it is important they be recognized for doing so.

Each day, students come to school to learn from their teachers. They have created an environment for their students that makes it easy for them to learn and have fun. The students of Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School are blessed with amazing teachers who happily take initiative and are willing to help their students be happy, healthy, and creative.

Today, thank a teacher for everything they have done for you, just the same as the students in the collection above have. These teachers make school more than simple subjects, but a wonderful place of education with great support. Teachers change the world by shaping the minds of students and they deserve recognition for everything they do.