A Night of a Thousand Lights 2019 Prom

Madison Kipp, Staff Writer

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Prom is a wonderful night known for the greatest memories for most high school students. May 4 was the Night of a Thousand Lights for Juniors and Seniors. Getting ready was a necessity for those that were attending. Hair, nails, makeup, suits, ties, and bow-ties were a definite look at prom.

Photos and portraits of people before and during prom were taken as a souvenir for the gorgeous night at the Florian.

Prom Court consisted of Ryan Forcey, Elijah Glass, Spencer Graham, Remington Shugarts, Taye Lynch for the boys. For the girls; Brianna Luzier, Jocelyn Grice, Haley Owens, Kalee Reasinger, and Jenna Spingola. The prom king and queen were Jocelyn Grice and Spencer Graham.