The future of Helping Hands and Key Club


The current members of Helping Hands and Key Club.

Christina McGinnis, Staff Writer

This year the Helping Hands Club will work together with Key Club and be combined as one. Mrs. Borden is the club advisor for both clubs, and they will meet during PM Activity Period in Room 320. The sign-ups for service hours will be available to the members of both clubs.

Mrs. Zimmerman was the former advisor for Helping Hands and for this school year the club needed a new advisor.  Mrs. Borden says: “Mrs. Zimmerman and I always worked so closely with one another, collaborated on several volunteering opportunities and club projects there really was no question that I would not support the students who were in Helping Hands club.”

Since these clubs are working together, students between grades 9-12 who would like to participate in any community service projects are welcome to join. The club plans on continuing with many of the traditions and opportunities just as in the past years, says Mrs. Borden. The students in this club are required to have 50 hours of community service throughout the school year.