Hurricane season begins

Scott, Christi

Isabelle Passmore, Staff Writers

Weather affects all our lives, but here in Clearfield we don’t experience too much deadly weather, we get floods and even an occasional fire. The threat of a tornado even can happen once a decade. But when it comes down to it, not a whole lot of weather accidents happen.

But not as many people are as lucky as us, some people are constantly having Tornado warnings, some people get Tsunamis and, according to the North Carolina Climate Office, every year around 15 tropical storms occur, and 10 become hurricanes, making around 5 that hit the United States every three years, and this can cause damage that we can only imagine, killing around 60 people a year when averaged out. And the flooding in local areas can cause many more people to drown. Then the loss of resources and food, and mass panic can  lead to even more depths, so knowing this we should focus on helping the people who live in these areas, donating money, sending resources and even just making people aware, but know that you have been informed about the damages about hurricanes, lets look into what hurricanes are and how they are formed and categorized.  

Hurricanes are tropical storms that hit the land and are most active during September. They use mostly warm air and water to form creating the cyclone, they are then categorized by the wind speeds they produce, and according to the National Hurricane Center, they range from 1 to 5 and there have only ever been 36 of them, and most are barely hitting the marks.

While the most recent hurricane that is happening is hurricane Lorenzo which just became classified as a category 5, and the worst hurricane ever reported, the hurricane is currently in the Atlantic ocean. And his wind speeds are going up to around 180 mph at points, while the pressure is up to 948 Mb, Lorenzo is aimed to hit the surrounding Islands off the coast of Europe called The Azores and this will be creating massive damage and this is only a few weeks after what happened in the states with Hurricane Dorian, this year will definitely be one for records in the hurricane books. We can only hope our snowstorms won’t be nearly as bad!