Key Club helps spread kindness during World Kindness Day


Key Club encourages the school to participate in World Kindness Day.

Sydney Salvatore, Staff writer

World Kindness Day took place on Nov. 13, throughout the day. The day is sponsored worldwide, and every year, Key Club likes to participate in it. They spread awareness for it around the school and encourage others to do nice things for one another. Key Club promotes it through the school and on their new Instagram page.

The president of Key Club, Kimberly Wilsoncroft, says the purpose of Kindness Day is to spread love and kindness around, instead of focusing on the negative things, like people mostly do. It is a day to remind people how far kind acts can go. Since kindness is often overlooked, the purpose of the day is to show how important it is to always be kind in and out of school.

The Kindness Day benefits everyone and anyone who wants to participate and spread kindness. This day makes everyone feel special and important. It encourages people to treat others as they would want to be treated and makes others feel happy.

However, this year Key Club did not have any after school activities. Instead, they did things throughout the day to promote kindness and encourage others to do the same.

Kimberly Wilsoncroft wants students and readers of The Stampede to know that, “although there is a World Kindness Day, it is extremely important to be kind and inclusive every day!!” Key Club also wants students to follow their new Instagram page to be a part of the volunteer community and see the new things that are happening around the school @clearfieldkeyclub.