Are immigration policies in America practical?

Summer Wynn, Staff Writer

The immigration policies within the United States are considered to be some of the most controversial aspects of America today. Many people have different opinions on whether or not the policies that are being applied are fair to those who are trying to make it into the country. Personally, I feel as though some of the efforts and steps that are being taken are extremely impractical.

My main concern with these policies is that many refugees do not have the ability to come to the United States in order to gain safety from the destruction that their home country is facing. America has always been said to be a place where people will be safe, but currently, our country is not treating these refugees as though they are being protected. By declining these refugees a chance to not live life in fear, this is causing many individuals, including myself, to think less of the country that we all call home.

Another concern that I have regarding immigration is how President Trump is dealing with illegal immigration coming from Mexico. The whole idea of a giant wall keeping illegal immigrants out of the country is not practical. Already, there have been reports of immigrants using ladders in order to make their way over the wall. There are more effective ways to control illegal immigration that does not involve something as simple and mediocre as a wall between the borders.

Overall, the idea of immigration to America, whether it is legal or illegal, is not being handled correctly in my opinion. There are better options that would take into consideration the situations in which the immigrants are in as well as the thoughts and feelings of American citizens. What our country needs to take into consideration more is the life of the individuals who are trying to better their lives in America. Many immigrants are being seen as terroristic threats to our country, but not all of the people trying to migrate to America have that type of mentality. In the future, I would like to see our country make different policies dealing with immigration.