Environmental Protection and its Importance


Seth Visnofsky

The West Branch of the Susquehanna River in Curwensville PA.

Why should we protect the environment you may ask? Well there are an infinite number of answers for this question, but the real question is why shouldn’t we? The answer is that there is no question, the environment should be protected. Despite the notion that the environment is a political issue, it shouldn’t be, but many politician’s from both side of the aisle have decided that they would use this issue as a way to propel them to power, but really this just hurts the environment in the end.
Instead of this incredibly harmful bickering we should come together as a country to attempt to make our water, air, and earth as clean as it possibly can be. This will both help the environment and the economy. By trying to clean up our natural resources we can make more places more desirable for people to go and more reasons for people to spend their money around these resources. Many of our country’s biggest and best economies and cities are surrounded by water, which benefits them economically. Without protections these lush ocean fronts could easily turn into the Hudson River, which has been so horribly polluted that many refuse to swim in it at this point.
Many of our nation’s greatest pass times and hobbies center around the environment, from fishing and hunting to just playing sports. By implanting environmental protections, we can ensure the quality of our air and water making these interests even better outlets for entertainment, and by doing this create more jobs boosting our economy.
The most important reason we need to protect the environment is because there is only one Earth and if we continue to abuse it the way we have recently we won’t have it for as long as we would hope. Sure, the Earth will be habitable for our lifetimes, but think about our children, and our children’s children. I think we should band together to ensure the habitability of this planet for these future generations.