AFC Wild Card round predictions


Braylon Obleman, Staff Writer

The NFL playoffs are here after a fast regular season. The season was filled with ups and downs for many teams. With many surprises from the Eagles making the jump from a 9-8 team to the top of the NFC. Along with the Broncos shocking the world negatively by going just 4-13 despite the addition of Russel Wilson. The playoffs are a time where anyone can steal a game, win or go home each week, making it difficult to predict. The AFC race has been especially tight, with a three-way tie needing to be decided during the final week of the season.

To begin, the Bills are set to meet the Dolphins in Buffalo. The Bills and Dolphins spilt the season series with one win a piece. The Dolphins where able to pull of the week 2 upset over the Bills, winning the early game by just 2 points. The Bills were able to get their revenge on the 17th of December taking the 32-29 victory of the division rival. Unfortunately, the Dolphins are going to be without starting quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. It is safe to say this may be too much to overcome for the young Dolphins on the road, and the Bills should and will be heavily favored in this game.

Following a 0-2 start, the Bengals have been dominant since, going 12-2 in their last 14 games. The Ravens had a very different season, starting strong but after the injury to former MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson, the Ravens have struggled. This game may be no different, as it is reported it will be an “Up hill battle” to return this week according to his head coach. If Jackson where to be at the helm, you can expect a great battle between two elite offenses, however without him it is more than likely the Ravens will be outmatched by Joe Burrow and the Bengals.

Finally, the Jaguars are back in the playoffs after over half a decade. The Chargers no playoff streak has dragged just as long. Both teams will be looking to not let their first run in years to end early. The Jags will be looking to build off the momentum they built by beating the Titans to clinch the AFC south, while the Chargers will look to stay consistent as they have all season. Overall, on paper the Chargers are the better team with big names such as Justin Herbert, Joey Bosa, Derwin James, Khalil Mack, Austin Ekler, and more. Despite this, the Jags caught the Chargers at a great time as Jacksonville had no choice but to catch fire if they wanted to be here, and they did just that. The Jags will also be the home team being the 4th seed, so I see the Jags grinding out a close win.