Gavin in the Hall: Where do you work and what do you do there?


Gavin Lukens, Staff Writer

This month, I am highlighting some Clearfield students that take on the responsibility of maintaining a job while balancing schoolwork. Here are a few of the sophomores, juniors, and seniors that partake in having a job outside of school.

Alayna Lansberry

Grade 11

Alayna works at The Dutch Pantry where she is a waitress.

McKenna Lanager

Grade 12

McKenna holds a job waiting tables at Moenas.

Jada Rose

Grade 11

Jada works at the Dented Keg in Clearfield where she is a hostess and a food runner.

Gabby Henry

Grade 10

Gabby works at Arby’s where she runs Drive Thru and fry station.

Rowan Mattern

Grade 10

Rowan works at the WOK!W radio station where she records the news and runs the show.