Classes Send Nearly 180 Cards to Military Personnel During Holidays



Chuck Gardner, Staff Writer

As an early December class project using Microsoft Publisher, Mrs. Hoover’s Intro to WP/DB/SS students each made two cards for military personnel. Almost 180 cards were sent to Mrs. Hoover’s son for distribution at an Army base in Germany.

Students were allowed to design two military-appropriate cards from any genre that they wanted: Christmas, Thank You, Encouragement, Hanukah, New Year’s, etc. Mrs. Hoover stated, “It is always amazing the varieties of pictures and sayings. No two were alike.”

Mrs. Hoover also went on to mention, “This class project started several years ago when my Navy Reserve daughter’s boyfriend was located in Bahrain on a peacekeeping mission.  That year students also had to make sure that the cards were “peacekeeping mission” appropriate with any biblical references or pictures/sayings that included guns or any other possible incendiary pictures/statements not included.”

In this writer’s opinion, it is a very kind and generous thing to take our troops into consideration, especially during the holiday seasons when not all of them can be with their families and the ones that they love. One can only imagine the smile on their faces when they receive a personal card wishing them season’s greetings and letting them know that they are in our thoughts.