Learn about The New Wood Shop Project


A set of shelves made by Mr. Pistner and his students.

Ryan Forcey, Staff Writer

Ryan Forcey
This bookshelf created by Isaiah Maines, Tyler O’Shea and Tyrone White.

Mr. Pistner, the wood shop teacher, along with some students at CAJSHS were recently tasked with building bookshelves for some of classes at the school. This is the first year they have done this and production of the shelves is underway right now.

According to Mr. Pistner, when asked who had the idea for it, said: “A need was seen by Mr. Fannin and the English Department.” The students are helping Mr. Pistner build the shelves after Principle Janoko and Mr. Fannin in maintenance asked if he could build quality and functional furniture for the classrooms. The students were more than eager to lend him a hand.

When asked what he believed students gained from it, Mr. Pistner states, “I think the kids learn many things by completing these bookshelves. They work with the tools and materials so they learn how to apply glue, sand and file boards to standard, use a nail gun and apply polyurethane as a finish. Beyond that, they have to work together to complete a task, so they practice and learn how to work together as a group, practice their measuring skills, they follow directions and see a process through.” The school has given the tech department the funds for this project.

According to Mr. Pistner, “In the following years we hope this will be repeated and the project can be done annually to help other teachers with organizing their rooms.” At the moment they only plan on making about eight of the shelves. The project will continue, however, if needed.