Ms. Salvatore retiring at the end of year


Ms. Salvatore

Lindsay Hartline, Staff Writer

At the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Ms. Salvatore, 7th and 8th grade English Literature teacher, will be retiring. Mrs. Salvatore has been working in the Clearfield Area School District for 28 years, while also teaching in Pittsburgh prior to returning to Clearfield.

Ms. Salvatore states that “I worked at the sweet little Girard/Goshen schools as a reading specialist when I first started working at CASD.  I then moved to Clearfield Elementary School when my daughters were born to be closer to home, also working as a reading specialist there.  After about 15 years in the classroom, I began working as an Instructional Coach at the elementary level, then at the high school level, working with teachers on various instructional strategies.  For my final eight years with the district, I worked at the High School as an 8th grade ELA teacher, then as a 7th and 8th grade literature teacher.”

After retiring Ms. Salvatore plans to garden, as it is one of her many passions as well as paddle boarding, yoga, flipping houses, and also making concrete pots and leaves that she sells at Revived, an antique store here in Clearfield.

Ms. Salvatore’s immense love for her job has seeped into her teaching methods. “I will definitely miss the students I teach.  Every year, it is so wonderful to get to know new students.  I also enjoy having some of the same students two years in a row.  Believe it or not, I love to plan lessons. So, I will miss that tweaking and planning of lessons too!  The teachers I teach with are so kind and are fun to work with, so I will miss seeing them every day,” informs Ms. Salvatore.

She would also like to say, “It has been such a pleasure working as part of the Clearfield Area School District.  The various principals I have worked with over the years have been very supportive and awesome to work with, as well as the teachers at the various buildings throughout the district!  I have made many lasting friendships along the way!  I will always treasure everything I have learned and the many adventures and experiences I have had at the Clearfield Area School District.”

Ms. Salvatore loves her job and will greatly miss all of her co-workers as well as all of the lovely children she has gotten the chance to be able to meet, and she would like everyone to know that “No matter what struggles or failures you have in your life, dust yourself off and keep trying!  Everything always seems to work out for the best!  So, be determined and you will persevere through anything you go after in life!”

Best of luck with your future endeavors, Ms. Salvatore. Clearfield School District will miss you.