Students create, send Valentine greetings to local seniors


Ms. Plyer, far right, poses with her students who recently created Valentine’s for a local retirement center.

Brande Plyler’s Life Skills Classroom at Clearfield Area High School made Valentine’s Day cards for the residents at Windy Hill Village Nursing Home this year.  Miss Plyler looks for ways that her students can be active in the community especially with opportunities that include giving back or work-related programs.  The last couple of years have become a struggle with getting the students in the community because of COVID.  Many of the places that the students worked at are now closed or are not able to have students volunteer their services.  A couple of weeks ago, a parent of one of her students sent information about a great idea to send Valentine cards to area nursing homes.   With much cooperation and help of the adults, this project was completed. The Valentine’s will be delivered at the end of the week by an adult for the residents to enjoy just in time for the holiday.  Hopefully, the colorful cards brighten up the resident’s day.