Mr. Caragein gives insight on this year’s track season


A group of girls run in the 100-meter hurdles event at the Mountain League meet on 5/10.

As the 2022 track season nears its end, the head coach, Mr. Caragein, provided an update, catching us up on the latest struggles and successes of the team so far, and what he looks forward to in the future.

“The team has been most successful at working hard at practice,” he said, “We have had some many personal records on the team due to them working hard at practice.” While the athletes continue to work hard, Caragein remarks about how the team has faced very low numbers this year: “It has been difficult to move around athletes with the low numbers to match up against another team’s line-up.” Another challenge the team has faced is that the athletes are very young, seeing as the majority of them are either freshmen or sophomores. But Mr. Caragein says he wouldn’t necessarily consider this a struggle. The young athletes still have a lot to learn and will most definitely get better as they progress through high school.

When asked about what his goals are for the team this season, Mr. Caragein claims, “My goals for both teams was to win the Mountain League team title. On an individual level, I want each athlete to continue to PR (achieve a Personal Record) in their own event and place at Districts.” With districts just around the corner, Mr. Caragein feels that each athlete is ready to compete at Districts, and that he is “excited to see how we do.” Moving on to next season, Caragein’s goal is for more students to join track. “Track is more than just running,” he states, “We also have throwing and jumping events.”

All in all, it seems that this year’s track team has faced many challenges, but they have also seen success. When asked about his final thoughts, Caragein replied that he has enjoyed being a track coach, and that it has been a fun and exciting year overall.