Positive Changes to CHS


Gavin Lukens, Staff Writer

We are one month into the new school year and there are already a lot of changes going on. The last two years have been very chaotic with all the COVID-19 regulations and guidelines in school. With people getting quarantined and having virtual days, it has been difficult to learn. Starting off this year, it seems that a lot of things are going back to normal. Last year, masks were lifted during the school year and the number of cases got smaller. So far, we have not had crazy amounts of people get quarantined and sent home. This helps tremendously because there is more in class time which makes it easier for everyone to learn. The teachers also benefit from not having to put every assignment on teams and have more hands-on time for the class. Students are a lot happier not having to attend virtual days and be in school because most teens like to have one on one instruction.

Another change to the school was made in 2022 this would include many new clubs and activities. Things are finally going back to normal in the new school year and we can finally do some of the things COVID took away from us! Field trips are already going on this year and sports are finally able to have events that they put on hold for the last two years. Things like open house, orientation, The Bison Bistro, and pep rallies are finally back this year and even better than I remember them! The students and staff are extremely happy to have school back to the way It used to be.  This school year has started normally and after the 2020-2021 and the 2021-2022 school years everyone had, we are all thankful for the normalness of the 2022-2023 school year. We all are excited to see how the rest of the school year plays out and what other exciting things get brought back.