Celebrating 40 Years at CAJSHS

Source: Gograph.com

Source: Gograph.com

Erika Frye, Staff Writer

At Clearfield High, the school motto is “courtesy, honor, and service.” Two staff members who exemplify this motto are Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Janocko, both of whom started their 40th year with the school district this year.

Mrs. Brady is the head librarian at CAJSHS. Her job comes with a plethora of responsibilities, but she claims it is worth it. Her favorite part of working here over the years has been witnessing students enter the high school as adolescents and leave as prepared young adults.

Although Mrs. Brady never planned on teaching for 40 years, she says she is glad that she stayed. She decided to stay when it became necessary to split the Middle School Library and renovate the junior-senior library, which she helped plan.

Mrs. Brady says that one of her biggest challenges over the years has been to make sure that the library and its resources are relevant to all kinds of classes and subjects. Graduating classes have gotten smaller, staff members have come and gone, and security has become a larger priority for the school district since she first arrived. Of the changes that have taken place, Mrs. Brady believes technology has improved the school the most.

She says that a career in education is not for everyone, and that teaching is not just a job, but more of a calling. Pursuing this further, the head librarian states: “Each student takes a piece of our heart, and sometimes no matter how much we want to make things better for them, we cannot always solve the problems that they face.”

Mrs. Brady also says that the students do not change all that much; what has changed is the amount of problems and pressures put on students today.

Mrs. Janocko, administrative assistant to the business manager

Mrs. Janocko is the administrative assistant to the business manager. She handles financial aspects for the school.

Her favorite part of working for the school district has been making friends with employees and working alongside nice people.

She has remained at Clearfield for the past 40 years because she enjoys her job. Mrs. Janocko also comments: “Technology has changed everything!  When I first started working at the school district, we did not use computers.  All record keeping was done by hand.”

She says that the renovations to the high school have made a large impact, and that the relocation of the administration office has made things more efficient.

Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Janocko have worked hard to serve the Clearfield Area School District for the past 40 years.