Join the Boys Soccer Team brotherhood



Brian Achmoody, Staff Writer

The Clearfield Bison Boys soccer team is a great experience to be part of. As a first year soccer player, and a new student, I did not know many people on the soccer team. The soccer team welcomed me on to their team and made me feel like one of them. The soccer team is like a brotherhood, they do not judge you or make fun of you, they want you to play on their team, and want you to do your best.

The soccer team is a fun experience. As a player I can tell you, firsthand, that everyone likes to have fun. We love to joke around at soccer practice, we love to practice soccer, and we play skillful games sometimes. Soccer practice is tough sometimes, but it’s worth going to. Try your best and you’ll love soccer practice. Coach Trinidad and Coach Johnson are very nice. They may be tough on you, but they are tough on you to make you better, and win some games.

The soccer team is also a good way to be involved in something. If you are not in any clubs or things outside of school, the soccer team is a good way to join something after school. Anyone is accepted on the soccer team, plus on the away games it’s an easier way to get to know and bond with your teammates and have fun overall. You will get home late at night on away and home games so I suggest you do your homework on the bus or before your home games. You will feel fulfilled when you join the soccer team, and will feel part of a brotherhood.

Another reason you should join the soccer team is that it provides physical activity. If you do not work out, I suggest you join the soccer team because it provides a lot of physical activity. It’s also a great way to get in the sun, gain energy, and cool down. You feel great after soccer practice because you will feel fulfilled, and at the same time you will get stronger and develop a stronger work ethic.

It will also help you develop discipline and patience. Soccer is normally fast paced, but it will be slow paced sometimes. Another way you can develop patience is by waiting for the ball to come to you. It will be tough to do this if you are not a patient person, but it will teach you mental toughness, patience, and it will show that you are disciplined enough to hopefully get more playing time.

You also need to develop a good work ethic because if you do not show up to practice half the time you will be on the bench for a lot of the games. Also, the coaches will be disappointed when you do not show up to practice. If you are sick, they will understand that you cannot make it to practice due to an illness. They will also understand that you cannot make it to practice because of an appointment, or that you are studying for a big exam.

All in all, this experience will help your well-being, discipline, and patience, also it will give you good friends and will give you an experience you will never forget.