Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School to continue making improvements for student benefit

An attachment to existing water fountains makes it easier to fill water bottles. These are  expected to continue reaching the rest of the school.

Cruz R. Wright

An attachment to existing water fountains makes it easier to fill water bottles. These are expected to continue reaching the rest of the school.

Cruz R. Wright, Staff Writer

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This school year, students returned to the building to find changes to the life that they had become accustomed to in past years. According to Principal Janocko, all changes made are always to benefit students and make the school as safe as possible. He emphasizes that these changes help students excel and live a healthier lifestyle while in the building.

He also reports that student attendance and morale has been on a constant rise, which corresponds with the renovations and improvements to the building.

Some students have noticed changes popping up around the school, inside and out. Within the walls of the school, big changes have begun arising that have provided students with the insurance of at least two healthy meals a day and easier accessibility across the board.  New and old programs have come together for the benefit of the students.

An upgrade that is meant to continue popping around the school are the water-bottle-filling attachments being added onto previous water fountains. Mr. Janocko offers that these help students stay healthier, remain attentive in class, and helps them feel better. Accessibility to water is important to students because a school day followed by extracurricular activities cannot be fueled without proper hydration.

This school year, a new lunch program was introduced that ensures that every student has the opportunity to receive a free lunch and breakfast. Since its instatement, the lunch program has continued to improve its functionality. More students are now able to live healthier and Mr. Janocko explains that this has been a longtime goal for the school to be able to provide such circumstances for the student body.

Improvements, however, do not only help the student body, but anyone who may enter the building. Directory signs are a new addition to the halls at Clearfield High. Mr. Janocko reports that these signs are helpful to old students, new students, visitors, and new staff members.

He tells The Stampede: “Our school is home to an environment that supports and welcomes people throughout the community.” This leads to his elaboration that the school continues to improve for the benefit of not only students, but all who find a place inside its walls.

A new member of the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School family is School Resource Officer Mr. Charles Marshall. The SRO program has been utilized by the school before; Mr. Janocko says that Officer Marshall has acclimated very well and fits in easily with his fellow staff members. “He is a friendly guy who treats students and faculty nicely and receives respect in return.”

Officer Marshall has helped spark some safety improvements to the school that have helped bring in a greater sense of security. Changes outside of the building have made it so that safety is first priority and access to the building is more easily monitored.

Students and faculty should continue to see changes throughout the school year. “We are constantly looking for new things to do to make our school better,” reports Mr. Janocko. “We have a wonderful staff here dedicated to make things better.” He recognizes that the custodial staff works very hard to help the school thrive and believes that appreciative students make it all worthwhile.