What is your opinion on the school giving students a free lunch and breakfast?

Zoey M. Uncles, Staff writer

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Zane Inguagiato: “I believe it helps kids eat better and healthier because most kids don’t have the money to buy food from here.”

Zoey M. Uncles
Makayla Sizemore: “I think it’s a wonderful idea and definitely benefits more students.”

Zoey M. Uncles
Kaleb Schwartz: “It’s generous because some people can’t pay for food.”

Faith Hull: “I feel this is a great idea. The lunches are over priced for extremely small portions; I feel we should get one free breakfast and lunch. Some may not be able to afford the price of our lunches and breakfasts so not only is it helping money wise, but giving a free lunch and breakfast is allowing some who couldn’t afford that did not eat, to eat!”

Dillion Jordan: “If students forget breakfast or a packed lunch they will still be able to get lunch and not worry about having money in their lunch account.”

Zoey M. Uncles
Jamie Irwin: “Effective because if people don’t have money to get food, they can still eat.”