Keeping up with graduation requirements at CAJSHS

Keeping up with graduation requirements at CAJSHS

Erika Frye, Staff Writer

For senior high students, graduation is just around the corner. In order to stay on track for graduation, students must be aware of the graduation requirements at CAJSHS. Dr. Spaid, guidance counselor, says, “It is important to pass every class so students can stay on track for graduation.  If a student gets behind, summer school is always an option.  Obtaining at least a high school diploma is very important in order to work or attend a college or tech school after graduation.”

Students at Clearfield need at least 28 total credits to graduate. These credits are composed of a required 6 English credits; 4 social studies, math, and science credits; 0.25 credits of Driver Ed. Theory and Life 101, respectively; 2 physical education credits, 1 technology credit, and 6.5 elective credits. For students attending the CCCTC, three social studies credits are required as opposed to four. In addition, students must have completed at least one course that is able to be dual enrolled.

Specific mandatory courses for all students include: English/Lit. Seminars I and II, Civics I and II, a U.S. History Course and PA History, World Cultures I and II or Western Civilizations, Economics, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Driver Ed. Theory, and Life 101.

It had previously been a requirement for students to showproficiency in the Algebra, Biology, and Literature Keystone exams in order to graduate. Dr. Spaid explained that there was a lot of discussion about this, and students are now required to take the Keystone exams, but not pass them as a graduation requirement due to a delay by the state legislature that lasts until 2021-2022.

Students are also required to complete two job shadows, or two college visits, or one of each. The technology requirement was recently increased to 1.0 credit as opposed to 0.5 credits because the job market now is more inclined to technology-oriented skills, according to Dr. Spaid.

The Social Studies Department now offers a plethora of different courses, which has given students a variety of topics to learn about, and it provides kids the opportunity to be exposed to subjects that interest them.

This year’s senior class will be the first to meet the 28-credit graduation requirement. Dr. Spaid claims that this will not affect the number of graduating students because the faculty has worked hard to make sure students obtained the required credits and were aware of what credentials needed to be met.