Why should you join the Golf Team?

Kathryn Barnes, Staff Writer

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Many students choose not to do sports in high school due to being “too shy” or “not being athletic”. But as a student who thought both, I really enjoy being a part of the golf team. If anything, joining has helped me in many ways. I love participating on my team, and I made many new friends, not only from my school, but from others.

Golf has helped me open up a lot more and enjoy high school. During golf matches you are sent out with 3 or 4 girls from different schools, and you spend a lot of time getting to know them and having a good time. Golf can be competitive, but it also can be really fun.

The coaches are fantastic and make sure everyone participates. They are very positive and push you to become better. Over the years I have improved both physically and mentally at golf. I have learned many new techniques that improved myself as a golfer, and I have also opened up more by golfing with many other students.

Golf is a great sport to participate in because you can meet many new people. It is also a great, fun sport to play, especially with your friends. For girls, there are a lot of scholarships offered for golf, and it’s a great sport to have on your college application. I strongly recommend joining Clearfield’s girls and boys golf team, you will always enjoy yourself.