Soccer banquet 2018 was incredible

Emily Shipley, Staff Writer

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During the soccer banquet for the 2018 soccer season many awards were presented and some heart-touching speeches were made. The new coaches definitely made the banquet much more enjoyable, but the previous coaches did not disappoint either.

The letter winners for the girls soccer team were freshmen Lydia Brown, Emma Hipps, and Alyssa McCracken, sophomore Amanda Hazel, juniors Madison Davis, Erica Frye, Hayley Moore, Emily Shipley, and Jasmyne Wilbur, and seniors Jessica Mulhollen, Sarah Snyder, and Alayna Ryan.

The letter winners for the boys soccer team were sophomores Crae Ruiz, Nick Ryan, and Luke Winters, juniors Nathan Barr, Hugh Brickley, JD Graham, Zach Hess, Trevor Hoffman, Andrew Lopez, and Hayden Williams, and seniors Mark DeSantis, Kyler Rosinsky, Avery Rowles, and Cody Shaw.