Instant Family brings to the screen the life of foster families

Kathryn Barnes, Staff Writer

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Instant family is a family friendly movie that stars Rose Byrne, Mark Wahlberg, and Isabela Moner. The movie was directed by Sean Anders.

It is about a couple, Pete and Ellie, who are ready to start a family. They decide to explore the idea of foster care and soon adoption. They stumble upon a 15 year old girl and decide to take her in and find themselves not only taking in a feisty teenager, but her two little siblings as well. The family deals with tough obstacles throughout the movie and the couple struggles at taking care of the children at first, but grows to love them and accept them as their children.

The story line is fantastic. It’s heartfelt and full of many tearful moments. It brings to light the struggles of foster children and what it’s like for the foster parents as well. Pete and Ellie find it difficult to become instant parents, and the children struggle as well with the change. Lizzy, the 15 year old, especially has a hard time. She is very rebellious and she finds it hard to let Pete and Ellie love her. The movie is very funny and amusing, which is a nice added element to a heart wrenching plot.

The actors portray their roles quite nicely. They compliment each other and the story. Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg are usually in movies that are more of a comedy, but Instant Family is more of an emotional drama. With some comedic parts to the story, it lightened up the plot and made it realistic and relatable.

I recommend this amusing, genuine movie to anyone who loves a comedy and a drama all in one. You will not be disappointed.