9th Graders learn more about Clearfield on annual downtown trip

Clearfield County Courthouse (wikipedia.org)

Clearfield County Courthouse (wikipedia.org)

Brian Achmoody, Staff Writer

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Mr. Tubbs recently took the Ninth Grade Class on a class trip in downtown Clearfield. On November 2, 2018, the Ninth Grade went to the Clearfield Historical Society, the Shaw Public Library, the Clearfield Borough Office, the Clearfield Riverwalk, the Clearfield County Courthouse, the Liddle Gallery, and the Clearfield Fire Department Building.

Mr. Tubbs said, “I think the downtown trip is one of the most important trips that we do. Although it may not be the most exciting, it is a fun time to connect with the people that make our community move. These are the institutions and people that affect our daily lives.”

Mr. Tubbs added that “this year’s class trip was the most successful one yet, because all the places focused on things that students can get involved in currently in their own community.”

I asked Mr. Tubbs if he thought that the 9th Graders were inspired by meeting people that have jobs that they want to have one day in the future. He said, “I hope students were inspired and interested in the professionals they ate lunch with. The goal is to get them thinking about the future and what they want to pursue.”

There were about 170 total students that went on the class trip. Mr. Tubbs had this to say about the purpose of the day trip: “The purpose of the downtown trip is to help students realize that we live in a community that cares about them and is dedicated to creating a nice place to live here in Clearfield. I want students to feel empowered to make changes of their own.”

He said that the main highlights of the trip were the tour of the Historical Society Museum and the mock trial staged at the courthouse.