The Haunting of Hill House terrifies viewers



Rileigh M. Lonjin, Staff Writer

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Netflix recently released a new horror series, The Haunting of Hill House, named after a novel with the same title. This novel’s plot jumps between two timelines following the Crain family. One timeline revolves around the past paranormal experiences of this family when they first move into Hill House, while the other timeline displays the family presently. The series guides the viewer through the unsettling circumstances of the family’s haunting up until they are pushed out of the home.

The Crain family’s story begins during the summer of 1992. Hugh and Olivia Crain are home renovators and Hill House is their next project. While they renovate Olivia and Hugh moved into the home with their children Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke, and Nell. As they attempt to repair the home, more dilemmas begin to show up and the family is forced to live at Hill House longer. Eventually, the Crain family is driven out of the home by a tragic loss and 23 years later they are forced together again to face what the haunting does to each of them.

The horrifying paranormal evens in The Haunting of Hill House keep the audience on their toes. The special effects, jump scares, and acting are only some of the eerie elements in this series.  The producer of this Netflix series, Amblin Television, did an amazing job making this series as suspenseful as possible. It was nearly impossible to turn off.

The different timelines of this series keep the viewer engaged and wondering how the characters got to the point they are presently. If you are looking for a new suspenseful series on Netflix The Haunting of Hill House is for you.