Winter weather has come to a halt

Madison Kipp, Staff Writer

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Most people question when the warmer weather will come. Though it has been a long winter, warm air should come quickly. For the month of March, the National Weather Service stated it should be a range of high 40 and low 50 degree weather, which should stay consistent. It shouldn’t be too warm until the month of April comes around. April should be an average of 60 to high 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, the weather should not include anymore winter storm advisories and snow. The weather changes will thaw the ground causing some warm and cold air mixes. This causes rain and possibly some thunderstorms. While the school year continues, it should slowly get warmer day by day.

The average temperature for March is 40-degree weather. But as most have noticed, the weather has surpassed expectations. Weather Trends states that a record high temperature for Clearfield, Pennsylvania, in March is 82 degrees. Rainfall for this month is an average of 3.3 inches of rain. Let’s hope that this weather stays on the warmer side for the rest of the school year.