Spring swoops Golden Eagles into flight

Taken by Dave Kipp

Madison Kipp, Staff Writer

The golden eagle is a bird that most don’t see or hear anything about. Golden eagles are bigger than a bald eagle which makes it the top predator in the bird species. Early spring is a time where warm air begins to come back, making it the best time for golden eagles to fly back to their nests. Although to make it easier for the eagle, the winds must be perfect for soaring.

West winds are best for golden eagle migration because it makes it easier for them to get back to their nests. Golden eagles are very independent birds making them very easy to see because of their big size, but can fly in duos. The Allegheny Front Hawk Watch is where many people go to watch birds, calling themselves “birders”. But many other birds like hawks, turkey vultures, and the common crow also migrate with the same path as the golden eagle.

Many may wonder what a golden eagle looks like. Golden eagles are brown and almost a golden tone and may have some white on the tail feathers. These massive birds are what birders thrive to see currently in the year. Bird watchers like to see how the population has grown or stayed stagnant. A protection system for these birds is a must because of how rare they were years ago. That is why this bird’s migration is so important and must stay active.