Annual Goodwill Clothing Drive kicks into action


Taylor Chelgren

Students who helped with the Goodwill Clothing Drive.

Taylor Chelgren, Staff Writer

The Goodwill Clothing Drive, as always, is run by the staff and students from the Special Education Department. According to Miss Plyler, we annually have this drive because Goodwill’s Goodworks program gives back to schools and the community. By collecting, we continue to support their local businesses, the Goodworks program, and for every pound of clothing collected a portion of the proceeds are given back to the school. The homeroom that collects the most clothes for the drive will receive a donut party.

The staff and students from the Special Education Department began collecting clothing items on March 18 and will continue to do so until April 18. Clothes can be brought into homeroom classes, and they will be collected by the students every Wednesday and Friday. As well as benefiting the school and the community, Goodwill provides countless learning opportunities to the district’s students with disabilities, from job readiness, skill training, and factory work experience. The students have the opportunity to apply for employment, prepared for the workforce upon graduation.

Anybody that needs Goodwill bags to put clothes in may contact Miss Plyler. Also, if anyone has clothes in their car and needs help taking them to the school, she adds that she would be happy to assist with that as well. The staff involved would like to thank everyone that has contributed to the drive and all the paraprofessionals that have helped in organizing the drive, because without their support, this drive would have never been possible.