Portrait photography tips and tricks

Source: https://www.exposureguide.com/media/ebook-portrait-photography-1.jpg

Source: https://www.exposureguide.com/media/ebook-portrait-photography-1.jpg

Madison Kipp, Staff Writer

Portrait photography is taking pictures either from a distance, close-up, or in-between. Taking portrait pictures may reflect who a person is, in a different perspective.

Improvephotography.com offers tips on how to take portrait photos.

There are many tips and tricks to taking the perfect portrait picture. Using manual settings on a DSLR camera may increase quality in pictures that are taken. Having good quality pictures can make portraits look so much better.

The environment of the picture can also be a big factor to who you are taking a picture of. Many people do not fit the studio look and can be better suited in nature or in an outdoor area.

Portrait photography of children needs to be at a lower height to capture the kid’s facial features instead of the top of the child’s head.

Exposure of the photo will determine how the person or object will look. Pictures with high exposure will most likely make the person that is being photographed look like a ghost or like a “blob” on the camera screen.

Make your photos unique. Many photos that are taken are bland and ordinary, but a pop of creativity and being unique will make the photos taken very popular.

These tips and tricks will help improve photo-taking and may lead you to a favorite hobby or career.