More than 30 alumni join Bison Alumni Band 2019


Jessica Griffith, Staff Writer

The 2019 Alumni Bison Band had 62 alumni  attend the Friday nigh football game to play with the current Bison Band members. Over 30 alumni came just to say hello to all of the new and known Bison Band members. Clearfield Junior-Senior High school has been holding this event for over ten years, any graduate of Clearfield Junior-Senior who was a member of the Bison Band can come and join the band on this night.

Mr. Mandell, the head band director wants people to know, “Alumni band is a great tribute to the legacy that is the Bison Band. It is such a joy to see former students return each year to participate with the band. It is the highlight of my year and a sincere honor to know how much the band program has meant to them.”