Spanish Honors Society teaches Spanish at elementary school


Clearfield Area Jr-Sr High School Spanish Honors Society

Summer Wynn and Paige Rhine

On Wednesday, December 18, 2019, the Clearfield Area Jr-Sr High School Spanish Honors Society took a trip to the Clearfield Elementary School to teach some of the students a few Spanish lessons. Thirty-eight members attended this trip. The grades taught were in a range between fourth and sixth grade.

Some of the lessons that were taught included basic colors, numbers, animals, as well as many different Spanish holiday traditions. The students were given activities to do based on the lesson that was being taught as well as participating in games such as Simon Says which correlated to what the students had learned in the end.

Molly Kessler, one of the Spanish Honors Society members who attended the trip, provided some insight on how she viewed teaching the students. She said, “At the Spanish Honors Society trip, I had a good time watching the children get so excited about learning new things. It was very rewarding to see children be so excited about learning something that I am personally excited about.”

Overall, the kids enjoyed learning a new language and seemed to have a lot of fun with their newly learned skill. The students responded very well to the lesson and picked up the new material they were taught very fast.

Another trip to the elementary school is being planned by the Spanish Honors Society to teach some of the other grades the basics of the Spanish language. A date is still to come for that specific trip.