Aladdin Jr. to appear at CAST


A group shot of the Aladdin Jr cast with the choreographers: Brandi Billiote and Trevor Sones

Taylor Humenay, Writer

Disney’s Aladdin Jr. is a musical based on Broadway’s Aladdin.  It tells the story of a young pauper, Aladdin (played by Angelo Maines) who meets and falls in love with Princess Jasmine (played by Adelyn Ruiz) and is the next musical CAST (Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre) will be producing on February 27-29, with additional shows March 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

As quoted by the co-director, Lisa Gormont, Aladdin Jr was chosen because “both the story and the music are so well known.  And Aladdin Jr has something for everyone to love!  The show has danger, suspense, romance, humor, a love story, friendships, music, and, of course, a Genie and a Magic Carpet!”

This must be appeasing as, when the tickets came out, it was almost immediately sold out; CAST added additional shows due to the massive success in ticket sales. This has caused much excitement for the cast of Aladdin Jr as they continue to practice and rehearse their lines, songs, and dances aided by the music director, Mason Strouse, the choreographers Brandi Billiote and Trevor Sones, the co-director, Lisa Gormont, the set designer Greg Norris, the costume designer Stacey Norris, and many others that help with stage crew, lights, sound, and various other tasks. One of the familiar faces involved being Lewis Duttry, a well-known and loved Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School science teacher, who is currently helping with the lights.

It isn’t just Mr. Duttry that readers would be familiar with as there are many students, both in the high school and the elementary school involved as part of the cast. This includes the main cast Angelo Maines (Aladdin), Adelyn Ruiz (Jasmine), Peyton Reese (Genie), Isaiah Snyder (Sultan), Collin Forcey (Iago), Sloan Rosinsky (Babkak), Santana Maines (Omar), Evan Forcey (Kassim), Jaycee Wood (Isir), Brookelyn Doan (Manal), Nicolette Maines (Rajah) and Taylor Humenay (Jafar) as well as the supporting roles of Madison Ogden (Razoul), Sage Hoppe (Shop Owner), Peter Huegler & Ezra Sheets (Guards), David Bowers (Prince Abdullah), Dorian Libreatori & Trent Potter (Attendants), Kael Eckess-Ocasio, Spencer Rosinsky, and Sophi Maines (Beggars), Becca Catherman (Apple Vendor), Ella Sheets (Fortune Teller), Colton Norris (Spooky Voice), Ben Gormont (Cave of Wonders), as well as dance ensemble: Carrie Fox, Senna Fox, Peyton Norris, Lily Rich, Marissa Thomas, Milano Timko and the Agrabahans: Sarah Huegler, Daisy Knepp, Emma Leonard, Nadia Libreatori, Jameson Middleton, and Lexie Miller.

Peyton Reese, a 9th grader from Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School and a part of Clearfield’s Band Front, was interviewed about the musical as well as her role as the Genie. She has been in CAST since 6th grade and decided to join Aladdin Jr because she missed CAST’s recent production of Lion King and since Aladdin Jr was a winter musical, she had time to participate. On the topic on what it’s like being in this musical, she stated, “It’s an experience. There’s older kids, there’s younger kids, the mix is different but fun. We learn from the older kids and the younger kids learn from us.”

“This is kids doing something amazing, you wouldn’t expect younger kids to be able to do this, yet they are and they’re killing it. We’re just amazing!”

When asked about any challenges that Peyton may have experienced, she admitted: “There’s rough patches as there is with everything, our director (Mason Strouse) has been sick so we’ve missed a few music practices but we’ve done well and by the 4th week (of practice) I’m sure all the rough patches will smooth out. We can do this!” and with this optimism comes even more excitement. When asked what she’s most excited about this play, she responded, “To be in a production with Taylor ‘m-dog’ Humenay!” and what does she want the readers to know?

“Come see us! We’re amazing!”

With all things considered, Aladdin Jr is a musical that many are expecting with excitement and, is a show expected to take the viewers to “a land far away where the caravan camels roam” known as Agraba.  The set, costumes, music, lights, and story will have you laughing, singing, and applauding!

Tickets are available through the CAST website: