Seniors, start thinking now about college scholarships


scholarship application

Everett Miller, Staff Writer

This year has been incredibly difficult especially for everyone here at the Area Junior-Senior High School. Seniors are under the stress of life after High School and Dr. Spaid has given plenty of information to give assistance to these seniors preparing to enter the world. Whether it is going to a college, trade school, or the military it is incredibly important that you formulate a plan for yourself and the Future.

Most students look towards college as their next step in life. For this next step, Dr. Spaid has recommended the following steps need to be taken. Attend the zoom college visits that the guidance office provides. These could give helpful information into your interests or important details to which school would best suit your interests/needs, such as tuition costs, majors, location, or he overall campus itself.

As far as scholarships are considered Dr. Spaid is an avid supporter of applying for scholarships: “Apply for every scholarship!” Every dollar that you earn in scholarships is a dollar you never have to pay back. They are not like loans; it is free money they hand out to students. So, apply for every scholarship you can. Almost every day there is information given to the Guidance Office and posted on the bulletin board outside room 316. On top of this, in January there will be a packet of local scholarships available to students that will be in the guidance office.

While there is plenty of scholarships posted in the guidance office there is opportunity to get outside scholarships as well. These are often given by private companies, non-profit organizations, or local church/community groups. Newspapers sometimes contain ads for them.

During this entire interview with Dr. Spaid this was not the most important part. She went on to say that these are the most important years of your life to explore new avenues and to discover who you truly are. She also wants anyone who is uncertain of their current lifepath or anyone who does not have a plan, to come see her in room 316 if they have any questions.

Visit this Guidance Office link for the latest information on scholarship opportunities.