English AP in the Spotlight


Elizabeth Ryan, Staff Writer

English AP is a course available at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School for senior students. It is an advanced English course that offers students many benefits. Mrs. Warlow answered some questions that students considering taking this course may be asking.

Q: What is AP English?

Mrs. Warlow: “AP English is ‘advanced placement’ English. This is an upper level English course for seniors who are going on to college.”

Q: Why should students take this class?

Mrs. Warlow: “Students should take it if planning to go to college; it is run as close to a college course as it can be, so it really gives students a feel for expectations and the rigor involved at the post-secondary level. Students also have the option to dual enroll and/or take the AP test in the spring to obtain college credit. This enables students to pay a nominal fee and be able to apply it to their college credits to ensure graduating on time and paying less than they would for it in college.”

Q: How does this class benefit students?

Mrs. Warlow: “There is a lot of reading, and no matter what major students decide to pursue, they will have a lot of reading! This prepares them for that rigor! The syllabus for this course had to be submitted to the College Board to be deemed “AP” so not only did a lot of work go into the planning and implementation, but it also has their seal of approval on it!”

Q: What is this course about?

Mrs. Warlow: “It is literature and composition—Basically we read and write a lot!”

Q: What are some of the texts read?

Mrs. Warlow: “We read a variety—The Great Gatsby, The Color Purple, Feed, The Book Thief, The Awakening, Night, to name a few–as well as many others; we also do two plays—Death of a Salesman and A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream; we end the year with a poetry unit. All of these are covered under the AP exam if the students want to pursue that option, they’ll have the background needed to do so!”

Q: What are some of the projects students undertake?

Mrs. Warlow: “It varies year to year. The senior research paper is the biggest—it’s a research paper based on a controversial topic in which students present both sides of the argument. A presentation of their findings also follows this in class.”

Q: Are there any AP tests students will take during this course?

Mrs. Warlow: “Yes; students have that option if they wish. The test is in May.”

Q: How should students prepare to take this course?

Mrs. Warlow: “Reading! It doesn’t matter what, just read as much as you can get your hands on! Know your literary terms that Mrs. Moyer and Mrs. Borden go over with you; you’ll need those for sure!”

Q: Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

Mrs. Warlow: “Sometimes students are afraid to take AP; they think it’ll be too hard or they want an ‘A’ because they’re so used to getting As. This class is tough, but as long as you put forth the effort and work, you’ll do fine! I’ve also not ever had a student (in 11 years!) regret taking AP, but PLENTY who have wished by the end of their senior year they had taken it! I always tell students, colleges would rather see a B grade in an AP class on your schedule than an ‘A’ in underwater basket-weaving! (no offense to basket-weavers!)”