How to holiday with COVID-19


Everett Miller, Staff Writer

Holidays are supposed to be fun and a time to gather with friends and family and with COVID-19 it seems like it will not happen as normal this year. Fortunately for us, the CDC has issued some guidelines to follow so that we may enjoy the holidays.

I will briefly touch on some of the points brought up by the CDC. However, if you want the full descriptions and guidelines I recommend you visit the CDC’s website:

First, to ensure that people are safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19, it is recommended that you limit your gatherings to as few family and friends as possible and quarantine yourself 14 days prior to the event. It is recommended that guests keep a reasonable distance from each other, to wear a mask, and to keep the rooms well ventilated if you are having a multi-household event. If you plan to hold a larger event it is highly encouraged to follow already established COVID-19 guidelines to try to minimize the spread of the virus.

While attending these events it is always helpful to pre-plan the catering. Encourage people to bring their own food and drink to keep the cross-contamination limited. Ensure that everyone washes their hands and has somewhere to store their mask while they eat.

Another area to investigate is travel. If you are going to be traveling and have come in contact or have been exposed in any way too COVID-19 it is recommended that you try to schedule a virtual meeting with family instead.

This is just a basic overview to help everyone stay safe during the holidays so that everyone can enjoy them to the best of their abilities. For more information or instructions for how to make this happen it is highly recommended that you visit the CDC’s website for more insight.