Athlete of the Month: Eric Myers


Eric Myers making the tackle

Mitchell Rowles, Editor

When getting to talk with captain of the football team, Eric Myers, also known as “Big Country,” I asked deep-diving questions on updates of the 2022 season and his experiences with the team over the years. Here’s what he had to say:

What has been your favorite part of the current season?  “My favorite part of this season is how everyone has stuck together and fought through adversity and criticism.”

What’s your greatest struggle? “My biggest weakness is when fellow linemen start to fight and argue about a pass call.”

How have you felt about this year’s season? “We were projected to win only three games, but everyone stepped up in a special way that made us have a 7-3 season, clinching the Mountain League championship, and 1st seed in the playoffs.”

What do you think your team is good at? “I think we specialize in finding ways to be helpful, doing what we can for the team, and just not being selfish in general.”

If you could switch positions, would you? “Oh boy, if I could switch positions, I would want to be a tight end, still able to block but chances to make offensive plays and touchdowns.”

How long have you been playing football? “I’ve been playing football ever since I could stand up and walk, but ever since 1st grade with flag football.”

What’s your favorite part of the position you play? “I get to pancake people, Having people know you’re there to hit and not mess around is a pure signal of dominance and wins the battles in the war in the trenches.”

What is your favorite memory about the sport? “I would have to say whenever I had recovered a fumble and scored a touchdown against Curwensville.”

Could you list your current stat line for sacks, tackles, or pancakes so far this season? “4 sacks, 21 TFL’s, and 58 pancakes.”

What was your hardest game? “This year against Juniata was the hardest game of my career, starting out on the road 3 hours away one way, and having to go back the next day due to a weather delay, that was the biggest challenge in my career.”

How will you overcome struggle? “Whenever, I face a struggling time, I tend to step back and regain moral thinking and calmness, I rethink a game plan and I go and attack hard.”

Who will help guide you to winning? “Other than my coaches I have to give a lot of due credit to my brother and dad, who have coached me through life and every scenario I’ve came across in my life.”