Characters of Clearfield: Mrs. Moyer Shares Her Story


Mrs. Moyer, CAJSHS english teacher.

Rylee C. Ogden, Editor

There are so many teachers at Clearfield Area Jr/Sr. High School from whom students can take inspiration. Let’s take a look at a particularly inspiring and impactful one in the English Department, Mrs. Moyer.

Mrs. Moyer has been a teacher at Clearfield Area Jr./Sr. High School for ten years. She teaches several tenth-grade English classes; however, she was not always on track to become a teacher. She explained, “I have always loved reading and writing, so a career in communication made sense to me. My first job after graduating from Penn State was at The Progress newspaper. I worked my way up to the editor position, which I held for several years before returning to Penn State to work as a public information officer. At Penn State, I realized I had spent much of my time at The Progress teaching new reporters how to hone their writing skills. This led to my desire to earn my Master’s in Education and teaching certifications in Secondary English and Communications.”

While being an English teacher was not her first job, Mrs. Moyer explained that she could not imagine teaching anything but English after living of her ability to use her writing and communications skills for 30 years. Mrs. Moyer also elaborated on why she didn’t choose teaching right out of high school and how she chose it later: “I have always respected teachers, so when I graduated high school, I wasn’t sure I could measure up to these men and women I had put on a pedestal. But, over the years I gained the knowledge, experience, and self-confidence to teach.

Being a teacher is no easy task. Mrs. Moyer demonstrated what she calls the “challenge and fun of teaching.” Explaining that no two days are the same, she stated, “…On an average day, I arrive at 7 a.m. so I can set up my classroom. I currently teach three different classes: two sections of English 10 Pre-AP, three sections of Literary Seminar II, and a section of English III. Of course, since I teach English, there are a lot of papers and written projects to grade, so when I’m not teaching it feels like I’m either planning assignments or grading them.”

There are many things students do not know about their teacher; let’s take a closer look at Mrs. Moyer. She explained that her biggest motivator is being useful and helping others to be their best. Her biggest personal and professional accomplishment is, “… the family I have built with my husband… and earning my Master’s degree and completing my student teaching requirements while continuing to work full-time at Penn State.” Mrs. Moyer stated that students who try their best are her inspiration. Her hobbies include a monthly Book Club, playing golf, and walking her dog around town. One thing that students don’t know about her is that she won the best actress award for her senior class play.

Mrs. Moyer is a remarkable teacher. She wanted to leave readers with one lasting thought. She stated, “I would like to remind students that teaching is an honorable profession and deserves respect. Please respect your teachers. They are here for you.” After reading this story, I hope readers will take the time to thank not only Mrs. Moyer but all the incredible teachers here at Clearfield Area Jr./Sr. High School.