New Addition to the Lunch Menu


Arika Jones, Staff Writer

The cafeteria has seen some changes during the 2022-23 school year already. There is a lettuce shortage worldwide, which means that students cannot get their beloved salad for lunch. The school had to act fast in order for students to have enough options for lunch every day, and they decided to start serving cereal. It can be found in the same spot that salads were in, which is also where peanut butter and jellies, muffins, and subs/wraps can be found.

There are three different options of cereal that are able to be chosen from: Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Cocoa Puffs. The cereal comes in a small plastic bag along with a cheese stick and a yogurt, but milk has to be gotten on the way out. The cereal comes in a container that is 1.5 oz, and most students believe that it is the perfect amount.

When asking twenty students what their favorite cereal was to get for lunch, over 50% said Lucky Charms. Even though the school provides the healthier version of the cereals, all the students surveyed said they cannot taste the difference. They also believe that it should have been an option for lunch all along. With cereal only being added to the lunch menu due to the lettuce shortage, students and staff wonder how long this delicious treat will remain an option for lunch. Most students are hoping this is a permanent addition.