Expectations for Clearfield Boys Basketball This 2022 Season


Kayla Caragein

Returning starters from the previous year.

Jacob Samsel, Staff Writer

Some teams seem to go downhill after losing certain players over the years, but the Bison choose not to be one of them. Clearfield boys’ basketball team ended last year’s season with a winning record, even with highly skilled players graduating the year before. Some players still feel confident with the team that was formed for the 2022-2023 season.

Cole Bloom is a part of the basketball team and is very pleased with this year’s outcome so far. He expects the team to still be high ranked and leave off with a bang and a winning record. With the loss of all of the previous seniors, it is exciting to see who will step up to that spot. But it is known that there will be very few seniors to fill the roles left behind. Even with this happening, Cole stated, “I think we will be pretty good and competitive. A lot of underclassmen are going to step up this year, which is crucial for our success.”

With there being few seniors, some of the younger kids have to step up to better the team. Helping the team in practices and being dressed to sub into varsity games is very important for success. One of the freshmen is actually stepping up the whole way to Varsity to start. This, for any sport, is shocking to hear. Someone who has that amount of skill at such a young age is amazing to have on a team.

This year, the Clearfield Bison basketball team will put up a good fight against all of their opponents. It will definitely be a fun year to watch these young men play.