Sole Female Wrestler, Sarah Cutler


Lindsey Kerlin, Writer

Clearfield Area School District offers a multitude of sports and clubs each student can join. Whether it’s the robotics club or the football team, the staff of CHS encourages its students to try new things. Yet some of those sports are still divided. These divisions can be caused by the lack of advertising or the lack of presence within other districts. An example of this could be seen within our wrestling team. In the past four years, only one girl has joined Clearfield Area’s Wrestling team.

Sarah Cutler, a current senior within our school district, joined the wrestling team in her freshman year. She stated that wrestling gave her an opportunity to get out of her comfort zone and try something that could better herself in the future.  She, like many other girls interested in joining wrestling, was hesitant at first, but as she got used to the routine and exercises, she began to greatly appreciate her decision.

Wrestling throughout our district, has limited opportunities for women. The PIAA corporation does not currently have a female division. Thus, making valuable athletes like Sarah Cutler miss out on tournaments and other official events.  In a response to the question, “What challenges do you face being the only female on the team,” Sarah stated that there are some challenges she faces being the only female on the team. One, for example, is that she has to make compromises.  In some instances, she may wrestle other females but, in most cases, she has to wrestle boys.

If anyone is interested in joining wrestling, please feel free to contact Sarah with any questions you may have. Wrestling is without a doubt difficult, but as with any sport, it can bring you important life lessons, new friends, and sportsmanship.