Clearfield’s Winter Basketball Tournament


Clearfield’s boys basketball team

Jacob Samsel

The Clearfield boys’ basketball team had an exciting winter tournament over Christmas break. There were many games played, but the boys ended up coming out on top. With some players still not able to make it from being sick, they managed to work together to find their ways. Throughout the article there will be information from a member on the Varsity basketball team, Anthony Lopez.

Since the Bison played against a lot of competitors, there has to be one team that stood out to Anthony. “Cambria Heights was probably our best competition considering they had us down a lot in the first half,” Anthony stated. The team appeared to be losing in the first half of this game. But after half time, they all came together to play at their best ability. This allowed them to clutch the win at the end of the game.

The Clearfield Bison were victorious and placed first in the tournament. Having younger kids and new players, this could be nerve wracking. “Everybody was pretty nervous because it was the championship, but we all played with confidence and came out with the win,” claimed Anthony.

Some people may not have expected the young Bison to come out on top over the other teams. Anthony, on the other hand, was not surprised to win it all. “I was not surprised we won the tournament at all because our team works hard to win all of our games.”