Clearfield High’s Ski Club has Become a Popular Winter Activity


Emily McCracken, Staff Writer

Mrs. McGranor and Mr. Bowman have been advisors of Clearfield’s Ski and Board Club since last winter season, and they both have had nothing but amazing things to say about it. “The club just started back up last year in 2021 when Mr. Bowman and I got it going. Prior to that, I believe it stopped existing somewhere around 2014 without any advisors to run it in between” Mrs. McGranor reveals.

The club has been growing rapidly with students looking for a chance to spend time with their friends and try out something new. Mrs. McGranor has even said that most who are involved with the club did not know how to ski or snowboard before joining: “We have many more members than last year. CHS students have caught the ski bug! We nearly have a full bus for our first trip on January 14th to Holiday Valley!” she says. At Holiday Valley, students are able to roam freely from slope to slope and get dinner inside the resort whenever they may choose.

There have also been rumors since last year about a four-day trip to Killington, Vermont. Mrs. McGranor has confirmed that the trip is definitely a go for this coming February: “We have nearly 30 students signed up for the trip, along with me, Mr. Bowman, and Mrs. Barnett as chaperones. The expectations for the trip are a TON of fun, some AMAZING skiing at one of the highest mountain peaks in the East, students getting to experience riding gondolas, skiing over bridges and through tunnels, and some of the most amazing views ever! Students will get to enjoy their evenings at the hotel with a pizza party one night, and dinner on their own another night. It’s going to be an awesome trip!” she adds. They also plan to continue offering the Vermont trip in the future every other year. Therefore, the next opportunity to go would be in February of 2025.

While going to any ski resort can be expensive when considering the price of a lift ticket and rentals, Clearfield has done a terrific job by providing endless opportunities for students to raise money toward their trips. Mrs. McGranor stated that they have sold Powerhouse hoagies and Gardener’s candies. “We have had some students raise ALL of the funds for their Vermont trip – that’s over 600 dollars in fundraising profits!”

The Clearfield Ski and Board Club gives students the chance to create lifelong memories and friends, and they are always looking to welcome new members. Mrs. McGranor says, “I would encourage someone to join because my most favorite memories from when I was in high school came from my time in Ski Club. It’s a great opportunity for students to participate in a fun activity outside of sports and other activities offered here.”