Characters of Clearfield: Sage Hoppe Shares Her Story


Sage Hoppe

Rylee C. Ogden, Staff Writer

“The four years will go by faster than you expect, make the absolute most of every opportunity you get,” is what Sage Hoppe would say to her freshman self. Hoppe is currently a senior at Clearfield Area Jr./Sr. Highschool. She is involved in a variety of activities which include band, choir, theatre, golf, yearbook club, and Key Club. In her free time she likes to spend time with friends, explore the outdoors, write, and sing.

Sage Hoppe has promising plans for the future. She states, “My biggest goal in life is to find exactly what makes me happy-whether that be a career, travel, or something else- and go after it.” Sage plans to attend college and become an editor. In five years she plans on doing just that.

It is clear that Sage is a motivated individual. She explained that her biggest motivation is bettering herself so she can accomplish all she wants to and more. She explained that her work ethic is what makes her unique.

As the end of the class of 2023 time here draws near, Sage reminisces on what else shaped her during her time as a high schooler: “My group of friends that I spend the majority of my time around, not only during free time, but also because we do so many of the same activities.” If she could talk to her freshman self she would say, “The four years will go by way too fast, make the most out of it.”

She has achieved many things in her time at Clearfield Area Jr./Sr. Highschool, however her favorite one is her most recent. Sage recently got the role of Donna in the schools upcoming production of Mamma Mia.  She wanted to leave underclassman with a lasting thought: “Stay motivated and participate in activities. Your time at CHS is short so, make it count.”