Clearfield Basketball Seniors

Clearfield Basketball Seniors

Anna Twigg


This year both the girls and boys basketball teams have been very successful. One of the biggest reasons? The seniors. Clearfield has 6 total seniors for this season, and all of them make major contributions to their team. The lone senior for the girls basketball team is Riley Ryen. The boys team seniors are Morgen Billotte, Skylar Clark, Andon Greslick, Cole Miller, and Peyton Reasinger. Some of the seniors answered a few questions about their experience playing basketball at Clearfield.  

How long have you been playing basketball?  

Billotte: “I started playing in 2nd grade.” 

Clark: “I played basketball in junior high 7-8th grade, then I got out of it but kept going to the YMCA and playing then joined again for my senior year!” 

Greslick:” Since second grade.” 

Miller: “I’ve been playing since 2nd grade.” 

Ryen: “Since 4th grade. (8 years)” 


What position do you play? 

Billotte: “Forward” 

Clark: “I am a center.” 

Greslick: “Guard” 

Miller: “I play point guard or shooting guard.” 

Ryen: “Point guard/shooting guard” 


What has been your favorite memory playing basketball? 

Billotte: “My favorite memory would be all the tournaments we used to play together when we were in elementary/middle school.” 

Clark: “My favorite memory would absolutely be the walkout before every game it just makes your adrenaline rush and I love being under pressure.” 

Greslick: “Chest bumps with Coach Shimmel.” 

Miller: “My favorite memory is scoring my 1,000th point or winning my first district championship.” 

Ryen: “My favorite memory was senior night. It was an intense game, with a big crowd, and overall very exciting.” 


What is a favorite quote from your coach? 

Billotte: “Control what you can control.” 

Clark: “Working hard in practice slows everything in the game down to make you successful.” 

Greslick: “’Guys I think we are ready for our first practice’ -Coach Patrick.” 

Miller: “’Guys, I think we are ready for our first practice.’ -Coach Dave Patrick” 

Ryen: “Go get a slug.” 


   What advice would you give to the underclassmen?  

Billotte: “Whether it’s basketball or any other sport, make sure you cherish every second of it. You won’t have the opportunity to create these moments/memories with your friends again after high school.” 

Clark: “If you love the game of basketball no matter how good or bad you think that you are accept the role you put in, adapt, and push yourself to be the best possible version of yourself.” 

Greslick: “Enjoy the sport while you can.” 

Miller: “You control your own success with how hard you work and how much you allow yourself to be coached.” 

Ryen: “Appreciate the time you have playing while you can.”