Students’ New Year’s Resolutions

Students’ New Year’s Resolutions

Sam Campolong, Staff Writer

New Year’s resolutions are antique traditions, firm decisions made on New Year’s Eve to strive to do or refrain from doing something over the course of the new year. Though coming up with resolutions is easy, committing to them all 365 days is difficult. Here are some resolutions of Junior students at Clearfield Area Junior Senior High.

Junior Alayna Lansberry states that she wants to keep a consistent daily routine of going to the gym, followed by a healthy diet and overall better selfcare. To accomplish this goal, she plans to go to the gym consistently, eating healthy foods, and taking better care of her body. She hopes that this change will make her love herself more, inside and out. Adding on, she hopes that it will keep her healthier. She’s striving for these changes to keep herself in a happier mood. When she’s in a bad mood, she’s going to resolve the issue by working out.

Another Junior shared that her New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to get a job. To accomplish this, she plans on looking online for jobs, as well as creating a resume and applying to jobs. This will help her change for the better because it will give her responsibility and experience. She strives for this goal so that she will be able to save money and become more independent.

Student Haley Wilson explains that her 2023 New Years resolution is to drink more water. She plans on accomplishing this goal by constantly keeping a water bottle with her and drinking it with every meal. This goal will help her have better energy and keep her health good.

Another student says that their resolution is to eat healthier to lose weight and exercise as much as they can. They are trying to accomplish this to change not only their physical looks but to allow them to be healthier overall. With this goal in mind, they are trying to have a longer life and be a healthier person.

Overall, New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start off the New Year. Though easier said than done, by sticking to a goal a lot can be accomplished in a year. If you’re focused and committed to your goal, great or small changes will occur for the better.